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Everyday, the flow of life shows us shapes, patterns and colors. As a designer I have always been called to pay attention to these details. Aesthetics that surround me and have the power to resonate within my designs. Free Flow lifts our constraints and follows natural observations, which have been harnessed in this collection.

Milliken Carpet Tile Free Flow Path.jpg
Mohawk Commercial Disruptive Path Orange

Pops of colour will bring your space to life with creativity. With 12 to choose from, pick your favourite accent and boost the imagination in your space. Experiment with Monolithic, Half Lap, Brick Ashlar, Basket Weave, Plank Half Lap, Monolithic Stepping, Random, Herringbone patterns using this 12"x36" Plank style carpet tile.

Shaw Commercial Feedback Velocity.png

We bring your vision to life. Whether you’re designing a space for a school, corporate office, senior living facility or physician’s office, our team will help you choose the ideal products for the market and the project at hand.

Cranberry night - Fuzion Carpet tile.jpg

Experience the most versatile floor for many indoor environments, from offices to playrooms! Carpet tile is easy, durable and modular.

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