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Water Resistant Laminate Trends in 2023| Millhouse Carpet Reviews

You may have heard the term Water-Resistant Laminate, maybe even Water-Proof Laminate, so we figured it might be a good idea to shed some light on this newer style of Laminate Flooring!

First I'll start by introducing the idea of Laminate in depth, Laminate flooring is a popular and versatile flooring option known for its affordability, durability, and ease of installation. Composed of multiple layers, laminate flooring typically consists of a high-density fiberboard core, a photographic layer that mimics the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone, and a protective top layer that shields against wear, stains, and fading.

This synthetic construction allows laminate flooring to emulate the beauty of genuine wood without the high cost and maintenance requirements. Its interlocking tongue-and-groove design ensures a straightforward installation process, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts. With its resistance to scratches, moisture, and fading, laminate flooring proves to be an excellent long-term investment for both residential and commercial spaces, providing an attractive and durable flooring solution that can withstand the demands of daily life.

With all that said Water Proof Laminate is still a relatively new idea and has been a major shift in the Laminate market in our experience, essentially Water Resistant Laminate achieves it Water hating properties a couple ways, firstly the manufacturers use a HDF (high density fiber) core as opposed to an MDF (medium density fiber) core, then they use a wax to coat the Tongue and Groove element which is how top down water would permeate the Core element. These factors have been game changers because it boosts the versatility in your home, where Laminate might not have been a great option in your kitchen, laundry room, or washrooms, you'd now have the option of having one type of flooring through-out your home.

Fuzion Flooring has 3 fantastic product lines call Atlantis, Fuzguard, and Oceana that boast large colour palettes and have great features such as wide board width's, embossed in register finish, and water resistance for up to 100+ hours

a room with a white couch and dresser with a tree statue in one corner and a glass of wine sitting on a dark brown coffee table in front of an open book, all on Fuzion Atlantis Roanoke Flooring
Fuzion Atlantis in Roanoke

A bedroom painted pink with purple feature walls, white furniture and a few poofs on the Fuzion Atlantis in the colour Moat
Fuzion Atlantis in Moat

Biyork Flooring is another manufacturer entering the marketplace with a Water Proof Laminate with their new Riptide Collection, their fantastic choices in colours will fit 99% of spaces, have a very convincing style, and have even have an added Anti-Microbial layer!

a modern room brightly lit by giant windows presenting a brown couch, small wooden coffee table, a ladder on the wall and a few plants strewn about, all sitting on Biyork Riptide Offshore
Biyork Riptide in Offshore

a modern bathroom with a floating vanity and mirror, sitting on top of Biyork's Riptide in the colour Reef
Biyork Riptide in Reef

With these new additions to the marketplace you can transform your space in a very uniform way while keeping the natural wood feel and the peace of mind of a Water Resistant Floor in any and all rooms!


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